Welcome! We are Learning Leaders and Learning Specialists within the Calgary Board of Education who are committed to discovering what it means to develop school communities that welcome all students of all histories, cultures and languages. By focusing on the holistic learning models of Indigenous Education and learning wise practice, we believe that all students will benefit through academic success and an enhanced feeling of belonging. Since this work is complex and difficult to measure, we feel that documenting our monthly meetings and experiences in between through story will allow us to see the impact of our work over time.


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The Indigenous Education Learning Leader group is a pilot project within the Calgary Board of Education to discover how we might best support the needs of Indigenous students for the benefit of all students.

To build this work, we pledge to:

  • Share stories rooted in truth and research, and make our learning visible to each other, to educators and to the public.
  • Remember that First Nations Métis Inuit wisdom is best practice, with a worldview that values community, relationships, and the natural environment.
  • Hang onto the small stories and moments so that when joined together, they will weave a tapestry of strong impact.
  • Commit to learning Indigenous language and traditions so that we might model an openness to learn, listen and value the teachings.
  • Work synchronously and asynchronously to make our voice visible throughout the system, in human resources, on the report card, and through the learning services unit to put the Indigenous strategy on the CBE Three Year Education Plan into action.
  • Press forward and talk about holistic education and how the spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional wisdoms of indigenous learning promotes life long learning and inherent personalization for all students.